Intelligence and Analytics

We are a highly experienced capability developer and provider for analytic solutions in support of both the Federal and Commercial sectors.

satelitecolor270x152 The Buffalo Group provides a full suite of intelligence analysis and support solutions across a broad spectrum of national security programs that assist in addressing the diverse and dynamic needs of the intelligence community. Our capabilities support the entire intelligence lifecycle, from providing critical analytical and exploitation support, to processing and reporting vital intelligence data, for full spectrum mission performance for national and military agencies.

Are you a Government entity conducting market research ahead of new analytic opportunities?

The Buffalo Group currently provides superior support to USG all-source and sub-specialty requirements, ranging from kinetic and non-kinetic targeting, to raw data extraction and interpretation of DOMEX material. We are considered experts in OSINT, Social Network Analysis, Cyber Analysis, HUMINT Requirements Analysis, HUMINT Targeting and Operations support, and multi-INT fusion, enabling the creation of timely products across the strategic, operational, and tactical levels. We are highly experienced operations and intelligence integrators, fusing capabilities with opportunity to enable missions. Our GEOINT and Imagery Analysis work has been lauded at the highest levels of the USG in support of numerous undertakings, ranging from disaster relief coordination to counterterrorism support.


Please do not hesitate to reach out to our corporate Business Development team, and we would be happy to discuss any of your requirements and our relevant experience to satisfy future requirements:, or simply call (571) 346-3300 and ask for our Business Development team.

Are you a commercial entity in need of analyzing business data to hone in on market trends?

If you are a small or mid-range company that does not have an organic business analysis capability, are looking for a stronger capability, or are simply looking to drive innovations within your own current analytic practices, please read on…we have just the solution for you!

Our Intelligence Analysis practice extends well beyond the provision of traditional clearance-driven analytic work in support of the United States Government. Our experience in analysis, open source collection, and all-source expertise has enabled us to provide a cadre of highly experienced analysts, familiar with interpreting overwhelming amounts of data and conveying the information into meaningful and relatable recommendations, products, and in the driving of marketing strategy. We utilized our extensive expertise to develop and implement holistic solutions in the commercial and federal sector, to provide persistent data analysis in support of our clients.

The Buffalo Group advantage.

There are three distinct advantages to working with The Buffalo Group for all your analysis needs:

1. Customer Satisfaction-Focused: We employ only the most highly-trained, driven, and adept analysts, further ensuring your firms receive top-notch support for all your analytically-driven needs. Our award-winning analysts are all hand-selected so as to ensure the highest levels of responsiveness, flexibility, and agility in providing the results our customers deserve.

2. Unparalleled Expertise: Our all-source analysis approach has supported everyone ranging from the warfighters in the field, to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to the President of the United States. We understand how to conduct in-depth and exhaustive research, and we know how to integrate analysis results with customer requirements to maximize return on investment.

3. Adaptive and Flexible: Having served on the front-lines of providing critical analysis to numerous customers, we understand that analytic tradecraft and technological innovation is constantly evolving. Our adaptive management model ensures customer requirements are met rapidly, efficiently, and are of the highest possible standards. We are proven leaders in conducting cutting edge intelligence analysis in support of numerous clients, allowing for decision-makers to maintain decision superiority.